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Let's face it, You store word documents, audio files, graphics, text files. by the tens of thousands, maybe millions.

And you use these every day in support of your core business functions.  But, how much of your staff's time is spent re-creating what already exists?  How much risk potential is hidden in your assets?

DataStrategist offers consulting and solutions to collect, manage and find value and risk in all areas of your business.

There are two ways to go about this... 

Manage your document collections on an on-going basis 
This provides the business an orderly way to create, assess, store and find documents when you want.  This can be used for:
  • Management of your business documents and assets
  • Content management for your web sites

Collect your documents and provide search and retrieval to find your documents
Leave your documents in their orginal place, but collect them into a single collection so that you can filter, search and find the exact document you want.
  • Archiving for regulatory and compliance needs of documents and messages
  • E-Mail and Instant Messaging archiving
  • Intelligent searching for any of these collections